What Is A Hair Tattoo And Why You Should Get One?

The first difference between scalp micropigmentation and traditional tattooing is that scalp micropigmentation uses a specially formulated pigment called Folicule instead of ink. The pigment is diluted to complement the client’s hair and skin tone, and a technician uses microneedles to delicately place it at the correct depth (around 1-2 mm deep).

The process of SMP involves inserting pigment around the natural hair follicles, not overtop of them. This creates the illusion of a fuller hairline, as well as a more even-looking head of hair. The process can be performed on an entire head, resulting in a shaved-looking head.

A hair tattoo Chicago is a fast, minimally invasive method of adding color or designs to your head. It takes 2-3 treatments to complete a full scalp tattoo and scarification. There’s no downtime with SMP—you can return to your regular program as soon as your appointment is over.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Right for Me?
If you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and can be worn any time, anywhere, hair tattooing might be right for you. SMP needs no maintenance once it heals. You can swim, shower and work out without stressing out about your hair.


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