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Getting healthy is so easy and way more delicious than ever before. With Healthy Lifestyle you can have a boxed fit meals that is unlike anything else you’ve seen or tasted, and it comes right to your door with our best prepared meal delivery service in Chicago.

Each box is packed with healthy food that’s fresh with several meal options to choose from and snacks like healthy oatmeal cookies and more!

We also have a great café location for you to stop in and pick up your favourite foods, so stop that internet search for “meal prep near me” and enjoy what Healthy Lifestyle has to offer.

All our meals are freshly prepared daily, so you just come in and choose what you like instead of your meal prep delivery in Chicago. Then you can also enjoy our healthy gelato ice cream!

We offer a huge variety freshly prepared each week by our chefs with one thing in mind, your fitness. Meal delivery in Chicago and within 10 miles of town makes Healthy Lifestyle the easy way to a delicious meal.

INDIVIDUAL DIETS AVAILABLE – We now offer individual meal plans for our clients!

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Healthy Lifestyle

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Benefits of healthy living


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, not only for you, but for the rest of the people in our immediate environment. When we observe our physical health, we feel better, since apart from helping us to stay fit, it keeps us relaxed and with the ability to deal with any situation (something that is extremely important for a person suffering from mental illness). Fortunately, there are different ways to be healthy and feel good.

Benefits of healthy living
What you gain by living more healthily includes:

  • Mental Relief – Regular exercise can help you improve your mood to the point of feeling better.
  • Monetary savings – The consumption of fast food, as well as cigarettes and sweet and alcoholic beverages represent very expensive habits.
  • Fewer health problems – By living a healthy lifestyle, your chances of developing a chronic disease are lower.
  • Control your life – By staying healthy, it helps you stay in control of your daily life and in general.

Why Choose Our Meal Prep Delivery Chicago?

Variety of Fresh Food

Whether you pick up or have it delivered, all our menu items are freshly prepared, so you no longer have to search for meal prep companies near me.

Convenience of Home Delivery

Healthy Lifestyle brings you the best prepared meal delivery service in and around the Chicago area. You can have your meal choices to your door at your convenience.

Healthy Natural Foods

All of our prepared menu items are designed for your health and fitness. Meal delivery makes it easy to eat right and stay vibrant with wholesome and fresh foods.

Healthy Lifestyle – Better Life

Testimonials of Meal Prep Delivery Chicago

Thanks to Healthy Lifestyle I am eating healthier than I ever have and the food is so much better than I can prepare on my own. Plus, my meal prep delivery in Chicago is so convenient.

Tom Joseph

I enjoy looking after myself and the one thing I can control is my own fitness. Meal delivery in Chicago by Healthy Lifestyle helps me stay on a healthy diet without having to worry about what’s in my food.

Peter Edison

I needed a company that did meal prep near me and found Healthy Lifestyle. Not only do they provide amazing meals that are so yummy, but also deliver. What could be better?! It’s definitely a healthy time saver.

Alice Martin

With a little effort, I found a couple of meal prep companies near me but Healthy Lifestyle stood out for their great fresh variety and they bring what I want right to my door.

Anne Kelly

Healthy Lifestyle is simply the best prepared meal delivery service in Chicago. I have also visited their shop and their gelato is out of this world! They are truly amazing for their food and their service.

Jennifer Berry