Transportation Services For Seniors

Many of us take for granted the ability to get in a car and drive wherever we want. However, for seniors, this freedom may be out of reach due to health or mobility issues that make driving unsafe or impossible. There are a variety of options available to seniors who no longer drive: getting rides from friends and family members; taxi services like Uber and Lyft; non-emergency medical transportation or other public transportation systems like buses, trains, and subways.

Family caregivers often struggle to meet their aging loved one’s transportation needs. They may not have the time or energy, or be able to afford the costs of driving around.

Public transportation is a great option for seniors. It’s affordable and convenient and allows seniors to be independent while traveling. However, using public transportation does have limitations for seniors. In order to use public transit, most people must walk to and from bus or train stops and adhere to strict schedules. Seniors may also have difficulty planning and following a schedule.

While some may choose to remain in their homes, others may need to seek other options like rides for seniors to medical appointments. For seniors who need a little extra assistance at home, non-emergency medical transportation providers can provide door-to-door transportation with assistance from the driver. These companies use vehicles equipped with wheelchair ramps, automatic doors and other features to make getting around easier.

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