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Even though many people think of vending machines as a source for unhealthy foods, those machines have come a long way. They now offer tasty, nourishing options for the health-conscious, as well as anyone looking for a healthy snack to help them get through their day. Having a healthy vending machines Chicago at your workplace has several benefits.

1. Better Productivity

Employees who are not provided with healthy snacks can be distracted and have a hard time concentrating. Employees who eat unhealthy snacks regularly are 66% more likely to report a loss of productivity. By providing your employees with healthy choices for snacking, they will stay full for longer, which in turn helps them think clearly. This can help increase their productivity levels. They’ll have everything they need to power through their workday.

2. Healthier Choices

Healthy vending machines Chicago that offer natural and healthier snacks, beverages, and meals are better for your employees’ health. These snacks could allow them to feel full for longer periods of time, which results in lower levels of employee absenteeism.

3. Increased Employee Satisfaction

Healthier employee choices can lead to higher employee satisfaction and productivity. By showing your employees that you care about their health, they will feel valued and motivated to work harder.

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